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The End of Time
What is happening? Apart from global warming, apart from a weak dollar and high oil prices, apart from our energy, food, water, economic, and personal crises, why are we so grumpy? Where is the connection that sustains our life force? Are we losing our ability to live in peace with ourselves and care for living things? Well, ask not what your paradigm can do for you- nobody out there has your solution. The generations now seem like separations. Nothing out there is going to change until we change ourselves. What we have brought the Honey Bees to bear is an ecological problem. An ecological problem is a social problem. Estranged, packed-in but alone, we have allowed fear and mistrust to govern our freedom.

Working with Bees is all about overcoming fear. The Hive is love incarnate. The Hive is the window to our new world. It takes patience and emotional energy to dismantle power dynamics ла more awkward than a newborn goat. We are rediscovering what it means to live in peace with the insects, the landscape, and each other, outside of the corporate scheme. They got the bombs but Bees got the numbers. Join together!