Lots going on. Always. Upcoming gigs:

January 12-16, Orlando, FL
The American Beekeeping Federation mega-meeting. Catch me raising hell for 1.5 hours Saturday morning. You can also catch me sleeping in my bee truck.

January 30-31, Ashville, NC
The WNC Bee School. this will surely bee amazing. I'm around for the first weekend only.

February 6-7, West Palm Beach, FL
The Southeast Organic Beekeeping Conference. Buzz on!

March 5-7+, Oracle, AZ
The Southwest Treatment Free Beekeeping Conference. Yes, we are building an army.

March 30, Fairfield, CT
The Backyard Beekeepers Association. Anarchy Beekeeping with the Top Bar Hive.

April 1, Bard Prison Initiative, Bard College,
Annandale, NY

that's it for now. but is it enough? help me spread the love, honey.