Click the title above to download the book. A life-long work in process. Really needs another edit, some second opinions and fact-checking, but Enjoy. If anyone wants to publish it, go ahead. If Derrick Jensen wants to write a prologue, that would bee awesome. Use it. Abuse it. These machines kill facists. Continued apologies for lack of pictures, drawings, grammar, decency, just hope it helps you out.
Buzz. I'm back from Arizona. check this out -http://www.vimeo.com/10159341

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Your Almanac

Hi There,
I'm a fellow beek and anark. Just posted a plug to the almanac here:
Keep on.
Herman Cummings

Sam - A friend and I drove

Sam - A friend and I drove two hours yesterday to hear you speak at the Backyard Beekeepers in Weston. Totally worth the trip! You're as entertaining as you are knowledgeable, and the ukelele bit at the end was fantastic - nice touch.

Started with one top bar hive last season, tripling that this year. You're quite an inspiration. Thanks also for access to your almanac.


hey sam, great bear story,

hey sam,
great bear story, but... major cliffhanger! what'd you do with seven bears in the beeyard?
in other news, my bees did end up starving in feb & i'm casting about for suitable replacements.
hope you're having fun, wherever you are