NY Nucs and Package Bees are SOLD OUT. Queens are available.

I will still consider trades for solar panels, a Honda Civic VX, a harpsichord, or a hot air balloon.

Anarchy Apiaries 2015 New York Treatment-Free Beehive Price List

Packages and nucs are SOLD OUT. Queen bees are still available. For new beeginners, we recommend purchasing earlier commercial package bees (from Hudson Valley Bee Supply or Mann Lake) and requeening or splitting with a mated queen from us 6 weeks after install. Every new beekeeper ought to be going into winter with two hives and two nucs.

Mated Queens - $30 each, overnight, insured shipping is $20. For orders more than 20 queens email for pricing.


Langstroth Nucs SOLD OUT

Top Bar Hives. SOLD OUT

Contact us for Florida availability.

May the Bees be with you

beemail preferred: anarchyapiaries@hotmail.com